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How to Take Good Care of a Deaf Cat

Cats have an extraordinary sense of hearing. Cat ears are very interestingly designed with efficiency because they can rotate 180 degrees to pinpoint the location of the sound.

Therefore, cats with decreased hearing loss or total hearing loss can enjoy a satisfying, happy, and healthy life if taken for safety and security, starting with living indoors.

Like freeing humans, cats can reduce hearing or reduce hearing that increases with age.

It is difficult to determine whether he is always responsive or difficult to understand with family.

If there are other animals in the house, deaf cats often learn to watch is their visual message to determine if something is happening, which can also make hearing less understood by the family.

A cat can pay more attention to other environmental signals such as air flow when a pet or human passes.

Vibration is also an important approval system.

There is a test for deafness called the BAER (brain auditory evoked response) test.

o his visual field before stroking or picking him up.

-Welcome your cat by entering his line of sight, lowering yourself to his level, and stretching your index finger so he can sniff.

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