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The Best Foods for Wild Cats

Read this article as a guide to find out what foods are good and what’s not so you can really help street cats or stray cats.

A good choice Feeding a stray cat is good and wise, just keep in mind that this can cause the cat to come back to you to get food and attention repeatedly.

Keep this in mind when deciding what foods to offer wild cats.

Tuna This is a good option.

One can of tuna is perfect as a one-time meal for street cats.

Most cats like tuna and its strong smell can help attract them (who may be nervous or weak) to the bowl to eat.

This can be given as a snack (food given once for starving stray cats is not a problem) but make sure that:

Boneless Cook – Chicken, Lamb, Cow Feeding cooked meat to the cat is also a good choice.

Rice and Eggs Cats can eat rice and they can also eat eggs, so cooked white rice and boiled eggs are a good choice for wild cats.

Eggs are a good source of protein and must be cooked because of bacteria and to prevent the avidin in the egg from having a negative effect on cats.

Much better to offer them a bowl of water and other food.

Wild cats that are still very small and require milk require special care and food so they must be treated as well as possible.

Dog food and cat food are very different because they are specially formulated for animals where they are made, they offer very different levels of amino acids, fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, etc.

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