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Tips to Make Pets Comfortable

Increase Vertical Region This can be as simple as placing a cat tree near a window or you can really make use of the unused wall space and install cat shelves, skywalk cat and wall mounted stairs

Make sure the pieces are sturdy and that you place them well so that the cat doesn’t have to make a big jump from wall to wall.

It’s also important that you don’t make a dead end where the cat can be ambushed by other cats.

Always provide more than one route in and out.

Be Consistent and Predictable Cats feel comfortable in familiarity and have a predictable schedule.

Cat’s instinct for scratching has many functions

Don’t Ignore Animal Care to the Veterinarian Cats are very good at hiding signs of pain and disease.

If you are reluctant to take your cat to the vet because of the stress of taking him to the clinic and traveling to the clinic, take the time to help the cat feel more comfortable with the process.

Familiarize the cat with its carrier and periodically place snacks near it.

Learn more about your cat’s body language and work on your approach and handling techniques so that your cat will develop more confidence.

The more you “listen” to your cat, the stronger the bond of trust between the cat and you.

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