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Red Kangaroo Facts!

Red Kangaroo Facts, the Most Unique Mammals in the World Originally from Australia, kangaroos are one of the most unique mammals in the world.

They are tall, fast, and have phenomenal jumping power.

Among the four main species of kangaroos available in Australia, Red Kangaroos are the largest in terms of size and weight.

Similar to other kangaroo species, Red Kangaroos also use jumping as their main way of moving made possible by their long and strong hind legs.

Relative Species Australia’s largest and most popular Marsupial has no subspecies, but is closely related to East and West Gray Kangaroos.

The pale muscular tail tip is very helpful in distinguishing this kangaroo species from its gray relatives which show the dark tail tip.

This animal’s fur is rather short but soft to the touch.

Both front legs are short and small, ending with heavy claws while the muscular hind limbs are ideal for jumping.

Their bodies adapt well to life in arid regions because these kangaroos can conserve water by choosing mostly green and fresh vegetation to survive.

This is mainly made possible by a variety of physical and behavioral adaptations which include sweating, breathing heavily, and licking their front legs excessively during extreme heat.

They can live without drinking water for a long time because of their ability to choose and consume large amounts of succulent plants which are filled with water vapor.

A study of Red Kangaroos found that fresh grass forms about 75 – 95% of all their food with the Eragrostis setifolia plant species which includes about 54% of their diet.

Their ability to kick and hit with their clawed and muscular feet is often effective in driving away attackers in a short amount of time.

However, Joe the Red Kangaroo is often devoured by dingos and eagles when they are not looked after by their mothers.

In addition, as an excellent swimmer, kangaroos often jump into the water when being chased by any predator.

In addition to natural predators in the wild, kangaroos are widely hunted and killed by humans for their skin and flesh.

Reproduction and Life Cycle Male Red Kangaroos have to compete with other males to get mating opportunities.

Larger and stronger males often establish complete control over the marriages of female members in the group by ousting other males who are trying to approach the estrus females.

Female red kangaroos can breed throughout the year.

Similar to other kangaroo species, female red kangaroos can delay the birth of their child until joey has previously completed the life of his pocket.

But in areas with abundant forages, Red Kangaroos can gather to form large groups of 1,500 individuals.

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